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Strategic Planning Statement

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CD 450Strategic Planning StatementThe paper should include the following sections:1. IntroductionThe introduction should include a brief history of you and your reasons for opening a childcare facility, early childhood program or youth program. Explain where your facility/program would be located and why you chose the location.  Then include your hours of operations, opening and closing times, days that you will be open, including if you will close for major holidays.  Include the name the center, and the reasoning behind the name.2. VisionThis section of the paper will include what type of children you will serve, why, and guiding principles.  Consider the following:  type of program such as an afterschool program for at- risk youth or a collaboration with a local religious organization or just a private education program.  Then explain your reasoning for opening this type of program, why it is important to you, and how will the program enhance the community it is serving.  Illustrate some ways that your facility will help to support healthy communities, and describe how healthy communities support families.3. MissionThis section should include your mission statement – short, sweet, to the point, and should fit on a t-shirt. Think of it as your logo for your program. Then expand on that mission and discuss how you will accomplish your mission.  For example, what types of curriculum will you use to promote your mission?    There are several different types of curriculum programs available for child care program:  Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Creative Curriculum, and ABEKA to name a few. Choose your curriculum and then justify why. 4. Core ValuesCore values should include expectations for children, parents, and staff who will be involved in your program.  Please give at least 3 expectations for children, parents, and staff (9 expectations total) and reasoning behind the expectations. For example, parents must not be on their cell phones when dropping children off, or staff must have at least an Associate Degree to be considered for a teaching position. The purpose of this section is start thinking about what values will make your center flourish.The paper should be at least 3 pages long double-spaced, excluding the reference page.  The paper should include a title page, and a running head in APA format.


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