Strategic impact of marketing

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Assignment

For this week’s Discussion, review the following scenario:

Your employer is planning to shift resources from employing a direct sales method to using distributors and creating an online direct distribution presence. As a marketing professional, you are asked to address the strategic impact of marketing on other functional areas of the organization. By Day 5Post a cohesive response to the following questions:

Explain the impact of marketing on other functional areas of the organization by addressing the following


What types of human resource issues should management be aware of and sensitive to when making this change in distribution methods?

Should your employer make the decision to eliminate the existing sales force? Why or why not?

Beyond human resources, what other functional areas should be involved in the implementation plan for the change in distribution strategy?

Based on the sales force decision you support, what ethical issues need to be considered?

Thinking more broadly, what does this tell you about the connection of ethics to strategic marketing? 300 words apa format

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