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Strategic Human Resource Management

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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Strategic Human Resource Management.It is in this context that training and development is regarded as one of the important and valuable constituents of SHRM. Training and development not only supports an organisation to compete with its chief rivals, but also assist it to sustain in the 21st century competitive landscape (Lundy &amp. Cowling, 1996). From a generalised perspective, it can be apparently observed that the role of training is to develop the performances of the entire workforce belonging to a specific organisation for smoothly performing their different assigned tasks or jobs. Conversely, it has been viewed that the role of development is to prepare the personnel of an organisation for conducting future responsibilities as well as functions in an effective manner (Torrington &amp. et. al., 2011). The organisations belonging to this modern day context strongly believed that they can avail significant benefits from paying much attention upon the importance of training and development.


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