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Steps to build a relationship

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

This is a student response about few questions:What practical steps could be taken to build a relationship with a follower of this worldview who might be a co-worker, neighbor, etc.?                   Since secular humanists are ever more prevalent around us – at work, school, in our neighborhoods – it is relatively easy to develop relationships with them. In fact, we cannot help but have relationships with secular humanists if we live normal lives and are involved in our communities. Some practical steps that can be taken to reach out to such a person in our neighborhood would be inviting them to our house for dinner, making the effort to stop and talk if we pass by and they are outside in their yard, inviting them to join us for special events or activities. Sharing produce from a garden, taking baked goods or a meal if they are sick, or offering to help with a household repair or yard work are all ways of showing friendship that could open up into a deeper relationship.                    In the workplace, we could make the effort to have lunch at the same time as an unbelieving coworker and initiate conversation centered on getting to know the person – her likes or dislikes, hobbies, background, etc. We could also invite the person to go to dinner after work for a special occasion, or invite them to our home for a meal. In discussions about hobbies or activities we enjoy, we could seek to find common ground and hope to do some of those things together.What barriers/hindrances would exist with presenting the Christian gospel to a person from this worldview?If the person in question is very private, he or she may not be open to sharing much about themselves in response to our attempts to get to know them. In such a case, it is best to go slowly and take time and not ask too many questions too quickly. Also, secular humanists tend to be very influenced by current societal messages about Christians – that they are judgmental, hypocritical, or narrow-minded. This prejudiced view of what Christians are like could certainly be a barrier that can only be overcome by consistent respectful friendship and incarnational apologetics (living out our faith in daily life). Society has also drummed into people that it is not appropriate to talk about such things as religion; this could influence an unbelieving co-worker to shut down any attempts to converse about religious views and beliefs.What personal challenges might you have with presenting the gospel?                       For me personally, it is very challenging to present the gospel if I feel I don’t have sufficient relationship with the person I am presenting it to. I have a hard time sharing something so personal if I feel the person doesn’t have a trust relationship with me already. Also, if someone has voiced negative views about God or Christians or the gospel before, it would be very difficult for me to try to share the gospel with them, especially if I didn’t feel we had a close enough relationship for me to have earned their trust, or I theirs. What I need is:

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