Steel structure

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Write a research paper on steel structure: cutty sark, maryrose museum and titanic museum. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. With the rising number of extreme occurrences, safety awareness alongside the technological advances in building design innovation suggests the importance of steel and the growth of structure. The steel structure design is guided by codes and standards which offer benchmark design considerations. Over the years, the structural industry has transitioned from prescriptive design to performance-based design, which has consequently increased the need for structural performance testing and analysis. A combination of technological advances increased research and the need for the prediction of structural behavior. Nonetheless, understanding past designs offer immense potential for understanding design challenges, failures, and hence come up with more effective designs. Understanding design specifications require a comprehensive analysis of structural steel plates, shapes, bars, as well as rivets used in the construction of structures. The museum’s steel structure has rounded ends designed to resemble a ship’s hull, and more specifically, Mary Rose’s hull while the roof was installed on prefabricated units and supported by 32m long rafters. It has two conventionally piled pavilions on either side. The lead structural designer, Warnings paid special attention to the frame to ensure it effectively fit Mary Rose. The biggest challenge in the frame’s design was in the erection of the main beams over Mary Rose’s ship. However, this was overcome by splitting the beams into 3 sections with 2 fixed to side columns initially, while the central section was the last to be positioned. The lifting of the central section was aided by a 20% oversized mobile crane and a sling supporting the beam at each of the ends. Additionally, cherry pickers were used in bolting the central section to the main section with the cherry picker baskets encapsulated with netting and tools tethered using lanyards to lower falling object’s risks. Metsec steel framing was attached to the frame as well as black stained timber reminiscent of the ship’s hull.&nbsp.

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