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State of Immigration

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Nevertheless, the proposal offers provisional status to millions of undocumented immigrants. The country need to come up with measures aimed at solving current challenges in immigration. The first step is to secure the borders. The border with Mexico still allows many illegal immigrants to move into the country hence it need to be secured.A guest-worker program will ensure that people from other countries are accorded the opportunity to work in the United States especially in carrying out hose jobs that have been neglected by the citizens of the nation. However this needs to be backed up with the necessary surveillance so as to ensure that only those who meet the needed qualifications are allowed into the country (Bush, J., McLarty, T. F., & Alden, E. H. 2009).The nation need to increased funding for the U.S. Border Patrol and adding more federal agents who will ensure that no illegal immigrants find their way into the country.

Welfare benefits for the illegal immigrants need to be stopped as well as prohibiting in-state education of children from the illegal immigrants’ families. These moves will tend to discourage those who think being immigrants in the United States will offer them with the best opportunities at a lower cost (Borjas, 2007).Chris Gafner and Stephen Yale-Loehr argue that immigration brought great deal of talented and bright immigrants who made positive contributions in the economy as well as other spheres of life among the American people. However the trend is changing due to the fact that many nations have devised strategies aimed at attracting the best of the immigrants thus denying the United States the opportunity of gaining the best of the of the immigrants. Countries such as Canada, China and the European Union have come with attractive means of enticing the best of the immigrants from developing countries.


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