Staffing levels and quality

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The text provide information related to staffing levels and staffing quality. Describe how Tanglewood is positioned with respect to these issues in this case. The nature of this assignment is relatively open-ended and allows you a great deal of discretion regarding what elements of the organizational context are most important.. Break your analysis down topic by topic, in otehr worlds, for each bullet in figure 1.7 make this a headline in your report.. Describe a few “Key” issues that keep appearing as you perform the case. Issues like market strategy, employee envolment, and the organization’s growth over time will impact multiple outcomes.. There are lot of points to be cover and some may overlap. The staffing strategy is complex and you will need to consider all of the issues from this case throughout the course.. As a guidelint, 2-3 single spaced pages is probably sufficient to complete this assignment.The Exhibit 1.7. Strategic staffing decision are as follow.Staffing Levels. Acquire or Develope Talent. Hire yourself or outsource. External or Internal Hiring. core or Flexible workforce, Hire or Retain. National or Global.Attract or Relocate. Overstaff or UnderstaffShort or Long-Term focusStaffing Quality. Person/Job or person/Organization Match. Specific or General KSAOs. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality. Active or Passive Diversity

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