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Practice 1: Data Integration (14 points) Integrate data in SQL database (8 points) Supposed that you are the data scientist in Northwinds. Your boss asks you to provide a dataset about the details of each order, including supplier name, supplier country, category name, price, quantity, order date, customer name, customer country, shipper name, and employees’ last name and first name. You need to integrate all the tables in the Northwinds database. I provide you with a skeleton of SQL query as below. Please complete the query by filling the blanks and run it on . SELECT suppliername,suppliers.country AS suppliercountry, categoryname, productname, price, quantity, orderdate, customername, customers.country AS customercountry, shippername, lastname, firstnameFROM suppliers JOIN products ON suppliers._____=products._____ JOIN categories ON categories._____=products.______ JOIN orderdetails ON products._____=orderdetails.______ JOIN orders ON orderdetails.______=orders.______ JOIN employees ON orders.______=employees._______ JOIN customers ON orders._______=customers.______ JOIN shippers ON orders.______=shippers.______ORDER BY orderdate I am not understanding what to fill in on the blanks.

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