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Spanish exercise. 4estructura4.1Present tense of irSTutorialANTE TODOThe verb ir (to go) is irregular in the present tense. Note that, exceptfor the yo form (voy) and the lack of a written accent on the vosotrosform (vais), the endings are the same as those for regular present tense -ar verbs.The verb ir (to go)Singular formsPlural formsnosotros/asvamosyovoyvaistuvasvosotros/asvanUd./el/ellavaUds./ellos/ellasIr is often used with the preposition a (to). If a is followed by the definite article el,they combine to form the contraction al. If a is followed by the other definite articles(la, las, los), there is no contraction.CONSa + el = alTo reviewcontractionVoy al parque con Juan.Mis amigos van a las montanas.see EstructI’m going to the park with Juan.My friends are going to the mountains.PP. 20-21.The construction ir a + [infinitive] is used to talk about actions that are going tohappen in the future. It is equivalent to the English to be going + [infinitive].Va a leer el periodico.Van a pasear por el pueblo.They are going to walk around town.When asHe is going to read the newspaper.questiona form ofElla va al cineir, remeruse adoiVoy a ir con ellos!y a los museos.puopy?(To) WIyou goVamos a + [infinitive] can also express the idea of let’s (do something).Vamos a pasear.i Vamos a comer!Let’s take a walk.Let’s eat!INTENTALO!Provide the present tense forms of ir.1. Ellosvan5. Mi prima y yo9. Usted2. Yo6. Tu10. Nosotras3. Tu novio7. Ustedes11. Miguel4. Adela8. Nosotros12. Ellas

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