Songs from Allegiance

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

PAPER ONE: We have just read/heard several of the songs from Allegiance and discussed the historical context of the musical and its plot. For your first paper, you can respond to one of the following questions. Remember, your goal is to formulate your main point in response to either question. Use the many individual questions in the assignment to help you shape your own response, and write what you truly believe. (As Sammy would say, “Be your own writer!”)Essay Prompt: The political question. As we discussed in class, the Japanese-Americans in California were in an impossible situation when they were ordered into the camps. Was it wise to do what many Japanese-American citizens did do–go into the camps and eventually volunteer to fight in World War II, on the side of the United States? Should more internees have protested their conditions, as a minority of internees did? Did they have many reasonable choices? Why is it meaningful that many Japanese-Americans today speak up when immigrants from other places suffer from discrimination?**To write your paper, you can try the following: try a few internet searches to find information on how George Takei has publicly opposed current political efforts to bar Muslims from entering the U.S. or to deport undocumented Central Americans from the U.S. You may also find others who have suffered from discrimination in the past and now publicly oppose the current administration’s hostility toward immigrants.

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