Soft drink sales

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Assignment

Write your final answers in the blanks provided. Show all work to receive full credit. No work = no credit.16. (8 pts)

A soft drink manufacturer can produce 1000 cases of soda in a week at a total cost of $6500, and 1400cases of soda at a total cost of $8900. They sell the cases of soda for $8.30 each

.a. Find the revenue function

b. Find the cost function

c. Find (and simplify) the profit function17. (7 pts)

The monthly profit for a product is given by P(x) = 73x – 0.10×2 – 2100, where x is the number of units produced and sold.

a. How many units should they sell to break even?

b. What is the profit if no units are sold?

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