Sociological Perspectives Comparison

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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Sociological Perspectives Comparison.

The functionalist theory developed majorly by Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim, Robert Merton and Talcott Parsons, views the society as one major organ system that depends on the functionality of the various organs in the system. According to functionalism, the society is a system of interrelated sections that work together harmoniously to retain a state of equality and balance. For example, the family participates in the reproduction and nurturing of children. Second, education and school contribute towards offering knowledge and social skills to the kids. Third, politics grants a way of governing members of the society. Finally, religion provides spiritual and moral education.

The conflict perspective, which owes much of its contribution to Karl Marx, views the society as different groups that possess distinct interests. It is similar to the functionalist perspective in that they both identify the society as a constellation of diverse groups. However, they both differ in terms of interest. the conflict perspective states that distinguished groups have different interests, but the functionalist theory assumes that all groups have a universal desire. Additionally, the conflict perspective believes that human beings compete for power and resources. For example, in the feminist theory, the society argues that men lead while women follow (Mooney 1). As functionalist and conflict perspectives care about the broader society, the symbolic interactionist perspective mainly concentrates on the individual.&nbsp.

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