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Social work values and ethics

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Refer to the topics covered in this week’s resources and incorporate them into your blog. By Day 3 Post a blog post that includes:A description of the principles of social work values and ethics An explanation of how the principles of social work values and ethics might relate to your agency learning agreement throughout your field education experienceBy Day 4Respond to the blog post of three colleagues in one or more of the following ways:Make a suggestion to your colleague’s post. Validate an idea in your colleague’s post with your own experience.Required ReadingsGarthwait, C. L. (2017). The social work practicum: A guide and workbook for students (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.Chapter 12, “Social Work Ethics” (pp. 136-147)Gallina, N. (2010). Conflict between professional ethics and practice demands: Social workers’ perceptions. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 7(2), 1–9. Retrieved from http://www.socialworker.com/jswve/fall2010/f10conflict.pdfKimball, E., & Kim, J. (2013). Virtual boundaries: Ethical considerations for use of social media in social work. Social Work, 58(2), 185–188.Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.National Association of Social Workers. (2017). Code of ethics of the National Association of Socia


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