Social Learning Theory

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Write a 4 page essay on Social Learning Theory.This assignment discusses the Social Learning Theory developed by Berger, that primarily focuses upon that a child develops while observing the sequential patterns that go on around him/her. Thus, it is through modeling and repeating or doing things that are already done by others is an important way a child learns different behaviors and adopt certain attitudes. However, while observing and modeling, one feature that is in a continuous functioning state is the child’s own cognition. The cognition works in a way that if a child sees someone getting acknowledgement and rewards upon his behavior or deed, the child would him/herself like to receive the same kind of acknowledgement and appreciation from others. This desire leads the child to incorporate the same attitude in his daily practice so that he too can be socially recognized and accepted. Once the child gets success due to the modeled behavior, he learns to practice the same thing throughout his lifespan. The problem might occur when the child is not able to model the exact behavior to receive acknowledgement. In such a situation, he/she modifies the same behavior multiple times and in multiple ways as long as he might achieve success. In the same way, punishment and discouragement act as negative stimulators for the child not to adopt a certain behavior if someone else is punished on its basis. In conclusion, the researcher states that this further retains throughout the child’s lifetime shaping his personality in a particular direction.

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