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Social Influence

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Write the following essay on Social Influence: Such a Copycat. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.In most instances, people conform to avoid punishment or again reward. Factors that can cause conforming behavior to increase include large group size, which increases conforming behavior. Others include confidence and self-esteem (Edwards 42). 2.Foot-in-the-door phenomenon is an aspect involving people’s compliance to bigger issues and requests after previously the same individuals has complied with smaller requests. The above is an aspect that works together with conformity as individuals have to conform to larger requests after having conformed to smaller requests. It is always easier for an individual to accept a smaller request then later a bigger one. It involves developing interest towards the bigger request from the smaller request. 3.Door-in-the-face phenomenon, on its part, is a social psychology conformity method involving a persuader making a request that is bigger and one that the respondent would easily turn down. In such situations, the respondent is then seen as a potential candidate for accepting a second reasonable request, other than making the reasonable request being made in isolation. The phenomenal is named as it is considered banging the door on the face of an individual by making a bigger request first to a respondent. The phenomenon has a low conformity pace.


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