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Social Inclusion and Social Exclusion

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A thesis and an outline on Social Inclusion and Social Exclusion. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The world is a wide society where certain things interplay in the social circles. the desire to belong, social exclusion and social inclusion (Wilson & Beresford, 2000).They want to be accepted as they are. Social exclusion is where individuals are marginalized, alienated or even disenfranchised because they are perceived to be different from the rest. It is a way of discriminating against other people. Individuals that are socially excluded are denied the right to fully participated in the political, social and the economic life of the society.

In Sula by Tom Morrison, the main character, Sula, is a victim of social exclusion. People in her tow are so superstitious, and they do not approve of some of the things that Sula does. They perceive her to be evil and as the reason bad things happen in the society. She is black, but is hated by everyone in the black community (James & Louisa, 2014). Nobody trusts her. Sula has a friend called Nel. They are very great friends but they are different inside. Nel does what the society expects of her, while Sula, is impulsive, daring and independent-minded. She does her things her own way. She refuses to be a social conformist. For this reason, she suffers rejection, with even her friends abandoning her. Sula even sleeps with Jude, Nel’s husband. Nel stops their friendship that has lasted years and never gets to talk to Sula. Sula betrayed Nel by sleeping with her husband. Everyone in medallion is horrified of what she did to her long-time best friend.The rejection that Sula suffers among her own black people is so much that she is considered a villain. .


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