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Social identities across languages

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic social identities across languages, discourses, cultures. The text also provides different views by other authors on the same argument of the relation that exists between the two terms. The paper then draws its findings from the propositions of the authors. The paper introduces the task that it attempts and the unit that the assignment is a part of. The article also provides a reference list at the completion of the writing in an attempt to provide authentication of the propositions that appear therein. The subject articulates the different constructs that demonstrate the analysis of discourse that is either in written form or spoken form. In addition, the group focuses on the different methods that can occur in a lesson in a classroom. The group comprises of items that consist of a combination of speech with the genre, with a conversation, with pragmatics as well as with identity. Furthermore, there are other topics that include the analysis of multimodal discourse. The job requires research on the web, particularly in the available libraries. The search will have the intention of selecting a single reference material. The material may be a book, an article or even a website. However, the reference material should have a language aspect in language and also be a primary source of data. The chosen work is an article by McCormick on the basis of us and others. The article explains the identities that are of a social nature and the link that exists between them and the discourses and the cultures. Afterward, there should be a concise review of a particular research. The particulars should include the title in full, the topic that is under research and the reason it’s the best choice as well as background constructs that validate its conclusions. Moreover, the report should include data collection methods and the precise analysis of the data. The discussion of the results plus a personal reflection of the findings will be part of the task of the assignment.


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