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Smart House for Senior

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Write an argumentative essay on Smart House for Senior with Alzheimer.

Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

According to (Latfi,2000, pg.1-10)“The life of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s is literally governed by the disease which keeps on progressing as time goes on. As the disease progresses, the subject become more vulnerable and finds it harder and harder to adapt to new situations, even very simple ones”. One group of people who has benefited enormously from the smart home facility is the senior citizens of America. The American population with Alzheimer and who are in their 60s and 70s are able to live intelligently with this medical facility. Since this medical facility offers many technological devices for the patients to use the life comes with much ease to them. Senior citizens with Alzheimer’s mostly have memory loss and physical impairment which can be overcome with smart home technology. An old person can engage in daily chores with smart home facility as they can participate in verbal and physical activities with less difficulty.

Senior citizens can age gracefully with smart home and this point will be further established with following explanation of smart phone medical facility. Smart home is a haven for Alzheimer patients as it is a solution to them to lead a healthy life. These intelligent houses fit well with the needs of senior citizens as they give cognitive assistance in the form of prompts and technical devices. These technical devices are embedded within the house amenities they use and co- ordinate well with their home environment. Thus senior citizens who are AD patients can adapt well to their living environment as smart homes gives efficient lifestyle to them. The smart homes offer automation technology and innovative home atmosphere which gives senior citizens with AD a life of comfort and health. In his article (Mahoneya,2007,pg.217-226) states that “Residential monitoring technologies are applications designed to be used in consumers’ personal living spaces, ranging from private homes to multiple-unit.


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