Situational Leadership

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Situational Leadership provides a simple and logical framework with four basic decision-making styles – authoritative, consultative, facilitative, and delegative. Briefly describe these styles and describe when they are appropriate to use.Authoritative: With authoritative decision making style, managers would make the decision without seeking assistances from subordinates, typically when the subordinates do not possess the necessary experience and enthusiasm or self-assurance; in essence, its appropriate use is with a subordinate with an R1 performance readiness. (44/100)Consultative: The leader shares the problem with the applicable team members, gathering their thoughts and suggestions for input before making a final decision. The subordinates usually have some experience or knowledge of the subject and their input typically aid in the conclusion. (42/100)Facilitative: This style is a shared effort in which the manager and subordinates work collectively achieve a joint decision. Facilitative decision making is more appropriate to use with subordinates with R3 readiness performance when the subordinate have some experience and they can take some of the responsibility for making the decisions. (51/100)Delegative: This decision making style is typically used with subordinates with high readiness and are able to analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done and how to do it. They basically have a thorough understanding of the subject and a willingness to deal with it. In addition, the leader allows subordinates to make the decisions yet in spite of this, the leader is still responsible for the decisions that are made. (74/100) Criteria: Given solution needs to be verified to be complete and thorough and have at least a minimum of 400 words with more often needed, current answer is only 211 words.

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