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RESPOND TO 3 STUDENTS.. 150 WORDS PER RESPONSE Guided Response:The goal of this discussion forum is to have a single conversation about the topic, not a series of 30 separate conversations. This means that every post should be in response to another post. In other words, not every student will directly answer the question in the original discussion prompt. Most students will address issues raised by other students. Only start a new thread if you want to address a whole different theme within the topic. And only post after first carefully reading what others have written. Do not repeat what your classmates have already said, and do not ignore them if they ask you questions. Try to keep the conversation moving forward.The purpose of the conversation is to help each other reach a better understanding of the issues. To that end, you should respectfully critique your classmates’ reasoning. Identify and challenge their assumptions, question their reasoning, and push them to be the next level. Push yourself, too. You may not understand the material at the beginning of the week, and that is okay. But you should use the discussion to help you understand the material by the end of the week. Do not be afraid to ask questions in the discussion! Take charge of your learningJohnny’s post: What passages resonated with me and why did I find them meaningful? For this one I am going with Medea. First and foremost, I want to mention that I don’t think Jason is a very wise person, and this is why. For over half of the play Medea is constantly upset with his decision to marry Creon’s daughter. It lasts all the way up to line 879.With thoughts like these, I recognized how foolish I had been, how senseless it was to be so annoyed. So now I agree with you. It strikes me you’ve been acting prudently, by forging this marriage link on our behalf. I was mad. (Medea, lines 1036-1041) After which she amazingly is somehow alright with everything now. It’s like a switch was flipped and she went from extremely distraught to everything is fine and dandy. I have been around long enough to know that when someone has that much of a change of heart, in such a short period of time, that something is up. I think, at this point in his life Jason should have known that something wasn’t right and tried to find out just what that was. I wanted to add in a second passage as well. It would seem that this is an age-old issue apparently.Here’s what I’ll do. If you get to my country, I’ll strive to treat you as a foreign guest— that’s the proper thing for me to do. But, Medea, I’ll give you fair warning: I won’t plot to get you out of Corinth. If you can reach my household on your own, you may stay there in safety. Rest assured— I won’t surrender you to anyone. But you must make your own escape from here. I don’t want my hosts finding fault with me. (Medea, lines 723 – 730) This resonates with me because I have been on the losing side of a relationship. It seems to me that Aegeus found a woman who was in great distress over her husbands’ recent decisions. He saw a woman who was weak in the moment and decided to move in and claim her for himself. On top of this, after he sweat talks her into going back to his place for some ‘grape leaves and chill’ time, he says she has to get there herself so he isn’t blamed for taking her with him.Yesenia post: What is your response toAgamemnonorMedea? What can we learn from them?Let me start by saying how much I love Medea! I decided to not only read it but look it up on YouTube to have a better understanding of it. Here’s the link for anyone’s who’s interested to an external site.)So, in this play we see a women “Medea” who gets abandoned by her husband Jason for a younger woman in power. Her response to the situation is much different then the one we see from Penelope in the ODYSSEY. Odysseus sleeps around constantly yet Penelope stays faithful and yearns for his return home. In this tragedy, however, Medea wants revenge. How could she not? She gave up everything for Jason including her home and family and Jason repaid her with betrayal. I understand why she wanted to kill the new bride but why the children? In one instance of the play she shows she is doing it to hurt Jason. In this passage “He’ll never see his children alive again, the ones I bore him, nor have more children with his new bride, for she’s been marked to die an agonizing death, poisoned by my drugs” (Medea Lines 953-956) Medea seems like he wants to kill the children so he would never see them again. Even when the Chorus asked her if she could stand to kill her children she responds with “Yes. It will be a mortal blow to Jason” (Medea Line 969). In other words, she seems to be doing it for selfish reasons to get back at Jason. However, later in the play after she sends the gold to the new bride and it kills her, she states that “I must not hesitate. That would hand them over to someone else to be slaughtered by a hand less loving. No matter what, the children have to die. Since that’s the case, then I, who gave them life, will kill them” (Medea Lines 1458-1463). Its like she knew people were going to seek revenge and kill her and her children, so she wanted to be the one to kill them instead. In this case she was doing it out of love in a way. In the YouTube video I watched they added some extra lines that made me sad. In the video when Jason asked her why she killed the children her response was because she hated him more then she loved them. It is sad to think hate is stronger then love. One thing that I have learned from this is that our actions have a ripple effect on others.Why do humans create tragedies, and why are we attracted to seeing suffering?I think humans create tragedies because emotions take control of our actions. That is why it is important not to act on impulse. When we are angry, we do not think about consequences until after its too late. So many times, I hear stories of people destroying others property out of blind anger and I do not think they would have acted the same if they gave themselves time to calm down and think. In addition to this, I think we like watching suffering in movies and plays because we like to imagine how others feel in that situation and like to imagine what would we have done in those situations.What passages resonated with you and why did you find them meaningful?“The evil done to me has won the day.I understand too well the dreadful actI’m going to commit, but my judgmentcannot check my anger, and that incitesthe greatest evils human beings do” (Medea Lines 1271-1275).This is a powerful passage. It makes me think of all the times I have acted out of anger or spite knowing it was wrong. Anger is such a powerful emotion and can drive us to do things we later regret.Jocelyn’s post: Hi All,Why do humans create tragedies, and why are we attracted to seeing suffering?These questions strike me as peculiar. Maybe my nature is a tad abnormal, but more often than not , I do not see the appeal of suffering? Don’t get me wrong, I was duly entertained by the stories of Agamemnon and Medea. There were passages of prose that were so beautifully done, I could not but help to ignore the context. (Here I will insert one of my favorite lines from Agamemnon, brutal subject matter, but written eloquently):Are you saying this work is mine? That’s not so. Don’t think of me as Agamemnon’s wife.1770 The form of this corpse’s wife was taken on[1500] by the ancient savage spirit of revenge.As a whole though, I do not understand the attraction. Why would one choose to conspire and connive against their supposed “loved” ones? The fantastical tales Euripides and Aeschylus spun were of such a malicious avenue, I couldn’t imagine having those thoughts in my head. Even in today’s society with shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS, I wonder who would want to create such heinous characters? I get the lessons that are learned, but I guess I would rather stay on the happier side of life. My question then becomes, why don’t we find joy and comedy as “profound” as suffering and tragedy? I think it is a very profound and wise decision to laugh at one’s follies, other than create calamities out of them. What do you guys think?

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