Similarities between Characters in Louise

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write an essay on Similarities between Characters in Louise, The Interloper, and The Open Window by Saki. It needs to be at least 500 words.In “Louise” Susan Lady Beanford emerges as a vigorous old woman who greatly cares about the welfare of other people. From the very beginning, she asks her sister Jane of the whereabouts of their niece, Louise. On realizing that Louise seems to be missing, she goes to great lengths trying to jog the memory of Jane if only to find where Louise could be. In this respect, she states at one point that, “If you could manage to remember where you did leave her, it would be more to the point”. She goes ahead to make phone calls on behalf of her sister to Lord Carrywood and makes an inquiry if ever Jane left Louise at the Carrywoods. Susan Lady Beanford has a striking similarity with Mrs. Sappleton, one of the characters in “The Open Window”. Sappleton is quite caring and is greatly concerned about the welfare of other people. When she enters her house and sees the stranger, Framton, she apologizes for being late before. Her concern for the welfare of the stranger is evident when she asks, “I hope Vera has been amusing you?”. Her caring nature is also evident in her anticipation for her husband and other family members who have been lost for three years.

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