Sigmund Freud on dreams

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Freud and Lieberman (2012) further believe that the purpose and content of a dream are not clearly understood. this is despite the existence of scientific speculation and religious interests regarding the study of dreams. Sharpe and Faulkner (2008) further denote that oneirology is the study of dreams. Scholars denote that the stage of sleep at which dreams normally occur is the rapid eye movement stage, and it is commonly abbreviated as REM. At this stage of REM, there is a continuous movement of an individual’s eye (Freud and Lieberman, 2012). Scholars denote that dreams may occur at other stages of an individual’s sleep (Sharpe and Faulkner, 2008).However, these scholars are in agreement that the dream under consideration is not memorable, or is less vivid (Sharpe and Faulkner, 2008). One of the scholars who has written extensively on dreams is Sigmund Freud. This paper gives an elaborate description of the Freudian theory of dreams, and his analysis.&nbsp.Sigmund Freud began to analyze this aspect of dreams, for purposes of understanding how the personality of an individual related to pathology (Freud and Lieberman, 2012). Freud believed that any activity that an individual engaged in, does not occur by chance. In his own opinion, every thought and action is under the motivation of the unconscious personality of an individual (Freud and Lieberman, 2012). Freud further goes on to denote that for purposes of living in a civilized society, an individual must have the capability of repressing his impulses and holding back their urges (Freud and Eder, 2001). However, Freud believed that these impulses and urges have to be released in some other ways, and in a disguised form.On this basis, Sigmund Freud explains that these impulses and urges are on most occasions expressed through dreams (Freud and Eder, 2001). Freud explains that the contents of the unconscious mind are always harmful and disturbing, and on this basis, the unconscious mind will always be under the expression of a symbolic language (Freud and Lieberman, 2012).

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