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Should you let your teenagers drink

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Submit a paper on should you let your teenagers drink by cassandra jardine. Acccording to the report .in “Should You Let Your Teenagers Drink?”, Jardine provides a realistic discourse of an issue for which Sir L. Donaldson holds a rigid stand as a Chief Medical Officer. By experience, Jardine and several other parents know exactly that to a certain extent, they ought to give in to the act of spoiling their kids in order to keep them from the perils of binge-drinking. Donaldson, however, opposes such an idea or practice, claiming that teenagers should refrain from alcoholic drinking until they are 15 years old. Throughout the Western world, youths of such age have had access to liquor markets and statistical figures are truly upsetting, so Jardine could well ascertain how a stance toward abstinence should work as imposed upon those experimenting in the “free-houses”.

This discussion stresses that ‘mother knows best’ and this cliché is strong enough for the ground of taking the perspective which Jardine looks at on deciding about the resolution to opt for. Having spent considerable amount of time with her children, Jardine may be imagined in a setting where she can readily engage with their thoughts and thereby become sensible to their needs as the situation goes with an increasing sense of fluidity. This way, she can gradually bring across the main point that it is not necessary to keep young people from drinking for as long as parents employ the attitude of affectionate watchfulness.


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