Should gay or lesbian get marry

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Write an argumentative essay on Should gay or lesbian get marry.

Needs to be 4 pages.

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By the presentation of this statistical data, I am able to engage the mind of the audience to think through comparing and contrasting the regions on the map. On the same map, the regions have dates to which the acceptance of same sex marriage was enacted. This shows the development and the gradual acceptance of the issue throughout the nation. This allows the audience to gradually open their mind and see both the states that are going on board with same sex marriage. With at least 18 of the 50 states on board, more having passed the law recently, and another 4 recognizing civil unions or domestic partnerships, almost half the nation is accepting the same sex marriage.

This shows the open-mindedness of our nation. But on bringing the picture of the world showing the same, we see fewer nations recognizing it. In fact, there are 16 countries that allow same sex marriages, fewer that offer some sort of protection for same sex couples and two that allow regional freedom to marry. This shows that the world is not yet quite ready for same sex marriages, but that should not mean that they should not be allowed to. Given the fact that others have embraced it, it is evident that those that remain shall come around eventually.

Secondly, by placing the article on the issue of divorce, I bring out the similarity in same sex marriages and normal heterosexual marriages. In a normal marriage, where after wedlock, people live together, they are bound to have problems. If they persist, they end up getting separated and at times ultimately a divorce. This is the same in a same sex marriage. In fact, there is no difference in their relationship such that they have the same problems faced by regular couples. Be it financial, emotional and even sexual misunderstandings, they are all experienced by same sex couples and in the end, if worse comes to worst, they end up getting separated.

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