Should companies routinely google applicants

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Should companies routinely google applicants or look at their facebook page as part of reference check before hiring.In this regard, social networking sites can be used to establish job networks and forums that aim at enriching members with new opportunities.A background check describes the act by an employer to review both personal and public information in a bid to investigate a person’s history. Most employers’ reckon that about 40% of resumes contain false information, which necessitates the use of background checks to confirm resume claims. This is done as part of the hiring process, furthermore, in most cases requires the subject’s consent to proceed. In addition, it seeks to establish whether the job applicant’s character reveals plausible elements, which may be of benefit to the organization.In the wake technological advancements, employers have turned to the global village as a tool for performing background checks. This entails the use of social networking sites in search of information, which sheds light on their potential employees. It is, therefore, crucial to assess and analyze the pros and cons of googling or checking the facebook pages as part of reference before hiring. This paper seeks to demonstrate the effects of using social sites to perform such background checks.The rise of social media sites has seen potential employers tear through the sites in search of information on their potential employees. According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, nearly half of employers who participated indicated they use social sites to research on potential hires (Innovative Employee Solutions, n.d). This raises the question of ethics and whether the information obtained is applicable in the hiring process. The act of accessing social sites in the sense of performing a background check is seen as a violation of privacy, which contrary set regulations concerning such checks. It is regarded unethical behavior to violate a person’s privacy

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