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Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished

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Submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished.Therefore, capital punishment must be abolished.In the United States, Capital punishment is cited as one of the most significant moral, legal, political, and practical issues in the country that needs to be greatly considered (Zimring & Simon, 2003). It can be said that it is a very critical topic for discussion in the country. In particular, there have been a certain number of people or citizens had expressed their thoughts and opinions with regards to the existing death penalty in the country. Most of them had been fighting to abolish capital punishment and to eventually stop the authorities in executing lives. In connection to this, the paper is geared to present and discuss arguments that capital punishment in the United States must be abolished.It was reported and argued by many that capital punishment is not deterrent. In fact according to the data presented by the FBI (cited in Death Penalty Facts, 2011) that all the 14 states in the US who are not implementing death penalty are recorded in 2008 to low homicide rates which are far below the national rates. Whilst DPIC (2014a) reported that states that are practicing capital punishment have a homicide rate that is above the national average. DPIC (2014a) further pointed out that for the last 20 years up to the present there have been around 48%-101% homicide rate in states having death penalty, however, states that are not into executing their inmates have less. Furthermore, it was also found out that in the last ten consecutive years, US was recorded to have an increased number execution penalties whilst murder rate have declined. This would be because of the increasing number of executions. However, DPIC (2014a) also identified that rates of murder cases in states with no capital punishment had remained low as compared to those states that have. Hence, the effectiveness of capital punishment in deterring people from doing unlawful behaviors should be questioned since data showed that states with no


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