Sex and Violence, Subjectivity and Power

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Write an article on Sex and Violence, Subjectivity and Power. It needs to be at least 2000 words. For this discussion we have taken into consideration the two different date rape cases one is the real court case and another is one more case happened in the University of Arizona. These different cases are the reflection of the modern society where the sex-related problems and violence are increasing remarkably and it is a great concern in the educational institutions where the security is lacking day by day. We are going to discuss how sexual attack as well as gender hostility. Gender-related problems have different perspectives. It is a vast study which can be analyzed through different angles. The modern society today is facing many sex-related problems from minor to the stern one. Gender-related problems consist of the profession, sexual affairs, date rapes, homosexuality etc. Here we are going to focus some of the sex-related problems. Let’s have a turn to the problem of rape which is one of the brutal crimes. The crime is done by a very filthy way which is prevalent these days especially among the college-going students and that is “Date Rape.” According to one of the article published in “The Hindu,” “Rape is a sexual assault crime. A college student goes to a bar with some of her friends. While she visits the restroom, the guy she’s been talking to unobtrusively slips a colourless, tasteless, odourless substance into her drink. Sipping her beverage, she has no idea that she will soon be impaired and defenceless. Her “date” invites her back to his place, where she slips into a drugged sleep from which she cannot rouse herself even as she is being raped. In the morning, she may or may not remember what happened.”[1] The date rape has become the growing concern among the health educators as well as the feminist activists. Women are more vulnerable in date rape cases and can be easily possessed. This mentality has grown among the college-going boys. The college date rape statistic is shockingly increasing day by day. A researcher at the University of Arizona, Mary Koss conducted research on the date rape cases. She mainly targeted the college campuses for the survey. Koss surveyed 32 campuses.

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