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EXPANSION  For SENTARA NORFOLK GENERAL HOSPITAlL EXPAND The EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Overview: In this milestone, you will submit the implementation plan for your project.  Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:  I. Phase II—Implementation A. Implementation Plan: Provide a comprehensive plan for implementation that includes the following: i. Target area or intended population and established goals ii. The timeline and implementation milestones of the initiative iii. Financial impact of the initiative, including any necessary capital expenditures, necessary fundraising, or potential financial benefits iv. Resources needed to effectively implement the initiative, including staffing, equipment, technology needs, and so forth v. Compliance with all federal and state regulations relevant to the proposed plan vi. Potential ethical challenges and formulated plans for monitoring behavior, practices, procedures, and so forth  Rubric  Guidelines for Submission: This milestone should be no more than five PowerPoint slides in length. All references should be cited in APA form


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