Security incidents

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Milestone1 – IntroductionNow that we have had an introduction to security protocols that will help reduce the risk of asecurityincident we are going to study securityincidents. Each student will select a recent security incident that had their data stolen by an outside attack, insider threat, or some other mechanism.There are multiple examples that can be used,i.e.,Target,Capital One, Home Depot, OPM,etc.As youevaluatethe incident you evaluate several components throughout the remainder of the course.The assignment will have a couple of milestones over the course with a culmination in week16of our final a security incident, there are examples above2.create a1-page introduction of the security incident3.Your response must be properly APA formatted with every sentence that comes from another source cited or quoted.4. The submissionwill go through safe-assign to check forplagiarism. If a high level ofplagiarismis detected thiswill result in a zero for the assignment and the school will be notified.5. There are no makeup attempts on any assignmentsBelow are some examples of security incidents that have occurred. You may choose any security incident that has occurred and impacted the user’s data.

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