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Write a 4 pages paper on seattle university. Even though this cannot be taken as the only criteria, it can provide a sound judgment on the character, behavior, creativity and capability of the student. A personal statement, in the words of the student mirrors his/her hopes, aptitudes, desires and ambitions. It will provide a clearer picture of the student’s thought process and the university will be in a better position to understand and adjust the subject requirements.Seattle, being a university with a religious angle, has its own agenda and hopes to adjust its goals with student aspirations. Thus the student essay will act as a window to the diverse background, the educational path of the past, hopes of the future, individual preferences of the student. Essays tend to be very personal and will give a clearer picture of the student’s chosen path.Course requirements and decisions on units depend on the background material and personal preferences supported by individualistic ambitions. Transcripts and their authenticity are important for all the universities, especially in the case of international students, who are required to provide certified transcripts of reports, marks cards, diplomas in addition to English language (TOEFL, IELTS, CLB etc.) proficiency certificates provided directly by the certifying agency. Financial deposits and bank proofs are additional for international students. In case of sponsored students, the government, through the Embassy has to confirm the sponsorship and additional declaration of finance is necessary if the funding is partial. Almost all the British qualifications are accepted in US universities, with Britain having an unassailable reputation in the field of education. Most of the variations in Indian educational system are accepted. All international students are expected to submit sealed recommendations from their Referees. “Seattle University thoroughly evaluates whether home schooled applicants have the necessary foundation of skills, background, and breadth to be successful students here” and thus the Home School students are not ignored. Most universities have similar requirements. American University demands completed applications, essay of 500 words, statement of interest, academic records, two letters of recommendations, demonstrated leadership report or community service record, English proficiency, application fee and financial source. In recent years, American universities have become more and more inclusive in their outlook.

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