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Scenario Analysis

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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Scenario Analysis.fact that the business that CB is involved in is more customer-oriented, I would recommend as it is in the process of idea generation, it must endeavor to ensure that they customer appreciated and embrace them. They can perform an in-house research to identify products that currently exist in the market, their flavor components, as well as their health effects-this in-house research can be broadened and widened by using the computer-assisted discovery (Goffin et al., 2010). The health effects and flavor components of other products, CB can use the symbiotic idea generation technique to standardize combine and correlate those effects and components into one whole new product idea.The most important idea generation technique that I will recommend to CB will be the evolutionary technique, coupled with internal or in-house brainstorming, since it must be able to meet or even surpass the market health and flavor standards for chocolate products in the US market. Already, CB is a major distributor of chocolate manufacturing ingredients, thus it will be sensible for them to discuss and brainstorm on viable ideas. They can complement this process by using the technique of computer-aided discovery. this will enable them broaden and widen their base and their research possibilities, with regards to ideas of what the customers want or need (Bragg & Bragg, 2005).To carry out the ideation, I would recommend that CB should gather a team made up of people from various departments, with various skillsets and experiences to brainstorm, carry out concept screening, and recommend an idea that can be developed into a viable concept. On top of this list will recommend personnel from the product development and design department, manufacturing department, the marketing and sales department, accounting and costing department, and personnel from CB’s management. This team should also include an external product design and development consultant, who will bring an outsiders or


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