Sarver elementary school

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Write an article on the of sarver elementary school Paper must be at least 500 words. ?Opinion Deciding the CaseCitizen’s Task Force under the leadership of School Superintendent, Dr. Connie Kniving has decided to close Sarver Elementary School after conducting a research on operating costs, enrollment patterns, projections and transportation costs. “Save Sarver” Committee showed disapproval to the closure of Sarver Elementary School and conducted a research on structural integrity of all buildings, future use potential and demographic trends. After the research, the Committee obtained verbal commitments from Davis and Ebel and written commitment from Caine—all board members in support of saving Sarver. At the final decision, Caine went against his commitment and voted for closing Sarver while Davis and Ebel adhered to their commitments and supported the Committee. The votes were in 3-2 ratio, supporting the decision of closing Sarver.Amelia Stone, Committee’s member alleged the board for several issues such as rejection of Committee’s report without any consideration, violation of Sunshine Law and bypassing contractual commitment of Caine in support of Sarver Elementary School. After noticing all the situation and issues, it is quite clear that both sides conducted studies for coming up on a conclusion regarding closing of Sarver Elementary School. However, it is quite clear that the whole board is not ready to close the school. The Committee is interested in closing Miller School because this school can be converted into a business setup while Sarver Elementary School has chances of future growth.There were professionals on both sides for considering the issue of closing Sarver School. Caine has promised in black and white to support the Committee’s decision by voting against closing Sarver Elementary School but he has not fulfilled his promise and has voted against his consent. Therefore, the vote placed by Caine should be ignored. After this, the voting will be in a ratio of 2-2. Looking at this situation, it is quite clear that Citizen’s Task Force and “Save Sarver” Committee have to reconsider their decisions. They should sit with another in order to come to a solution. The voting process should be there again in order to know about the new situation.Legal Advice to Dr. KnivingDr. Connie Kniving has just seen one side of the situation and has rejected all the efforts of “Save Sarver” Committee preferring the decision of Citizen’s Task Force. He has to keep proper attention to both the reports submitted by the Task Force and the Committee in order to come to a conclusion regarding closing of Sarver Elementary School. As far as the case of Miller School is concerned, Dr. Kniving should ask the Task Force to gather data for this school. Caine has given a written consent to the Committee to save Sarver due to which, he has weakened his situation. He is required to clear his situation. All the Board members, Committee members and the Task Force should be assembled in order to decide on the issue of closing Sarver School as it can be seen that Committee has done enough efforts in helping Sarver Elementary School. In addition, the school enjoys a good reputation being the oldest school of the locality. Dr. Kniving should be considerate towards the decision making process as he has a big responsibility to bear.

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