Same-sex relationship

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Same-sex relationship.Controversial issue here is same-sex relationship that is widely opposed by many countries worldwide. Should same-sex marriages be allowed in the society or should these kinds of marriages be frowned upon? The research will focus on the challenges facing same sex relationships and further dig on reasons behind refusal of the law in most countries globally. The most common and legal marriage was heterosexual relationship. The issue of same-sex marriage has been made legal in various democratic or liberal countries mostly in the Western countries. The matter of child bearing is greatly left behind when it comes to same sex marriage, as there is availability of artificially produced babies. Babies could be produced artificially for same sex couples while those who prefer different methods can adopt children and call them their own. Despite the desire to raise children, the gay couples often face objections when they present themselves as candidates who want to adopt children. The legal offices that deal with the issues of adoption often feel reluctant to hand over adoption agreement to these couples with the belief that they may lack the knowledge of raising the children well.Same-sex marriage may be defined as the union among two individuals of the same gender. Ever since the year 2001, different countries have allowed gay or lesbian unions and the recognition of such law has sparked worldwide debate from the proposers as well as those who oppose this discussion.

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