Sam 489 unit 6

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Sam 489 unit 6.Response agencies such as the fire department, the police, the red cross team and other medic teams communicate using radio frequency whose signal is unlikely to be jammed by the type of disaster as well as it can still be used where mobile network is unclear. They mostly use short codes which they have been trained on in order to speed up communication and prevent other parties from understanding their discussion for security purposes depending on the disaster they are responding to.Communication amongst these agencies is important for coordination purposes. For example in a fire disaster, the firefighters communicate with the medics about bring in a victim and the present physical condition of the victim. The medics will be prepared with the necessary equipment and hence attend to the individual without wasting any precious time. Communication among the agencies speeds up help as well as makes response run smoothly and faster hence saving more time and property (Perry & Lindell,

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