Said’s Orientalism

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Essay Said’s Orientalism. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Browne from England used to be an ardent supporter of the constitutional revolution that took place in Iran as well as Louis Massignon with respect to the Algerian movement for the sake of gaining independence and not to forget Hurgronje who used influence which was in favor of a more sensitive and understanding attitude towards those whom the nations were ruled by. Thus for this matter, Hourani has invited all and sundry to reconsider Edward Said’s indispensable formulations, theses as well as conclusions and study the relationships that were there between the religion of Islam and the West. The same was however achieved in a more positive manner than the one done by Edward Said. However, from an Orientalism standpoint, it is true that at the level of religious encounter Islam was gravely a problem for the Christians of Europe. Also the fact is there that another and not less important than the same, a similar kind of attitude was at the center of the contact and relations between the Christians and the followers of Islam and at later stages between the secular Europe and the World of Islam, which in essence involved a deep exchange of ideas and beliefs between the people. However, for the duration of the seminal and incisive phase of Islam, a number of illustrious Muslim theologians and thinkers which might include Ali al Tabari, Imam al Ghazali, and Ibn Hazm started to put into practice major works in an attempt to disprove and contest the central principles and systems of beliefs related to the religion of Christianity.

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