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Rules when recruiting workers

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Assignment

Create a thesis and an outline on There are number of different rules that come into play when employing/recruiting temporary workers and they tend to overlap when it comes to immigration.

Some provinces have additional legislation in place to protect workers from unscrupulous behavior. P. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Temporary Foreign Workers program split Introduction Hiring foreigners has been the cheapest source of labor in Canada for a long time with most employers showing preference to foreigners. This may however change given the revision of the laws governing the use of foreign sources of labor. According to the new laws, Canadian employers must show preference to Canadian nationals and permanent residence in recruitment. Additionally, the employers must offer Canadians conducive working environments coupled with friendly labor relations. The new labor laws require employers to give reasons for not hiring Canadian nationals and justify their preference for foreigners. The legislation strives to improve the living standards for Canadian by reducing the rates of unemployment besides bettering the working environments for the Canadian employees (Fudge, MacPhail & University of Melbourne, 2009).

The federal government formulated the laws and requires the cooperation of the provinces to enact the laws thereby create appropriate working environments for Canadians. Manitoba is among the provinces that have adopted the laws. The province requires business people to register their companies with the province administrators who then inspect the businesses to ensure that they meet the standards. Furthermore, the government can block any businessperson who brings in foreign employees thereby disregarding the existing laws. I believe the laws are appropriate since they strive to protect the interests of Canadian. Most businesspeople in North America prefer using cheap labor from Mexico among other neighboring countries thereby disadvantaging their nationals. By revising the laws, the Canadian government seeks to protect the interests of Canadians.

The laws protect the interests of Canadians by ensuring that the citizens get appropriate jobs and appropriate working conditions. Additionally, the laws do not bar business people from hiring foreigners especially when foreigners can offer the required expertise (Coutts, 2014). It simply requires them prioritize Canadians. Reference Coutts, M. (2014). “Temporary Foreign Worker Program splits provinces in fight for flexibility, provincial control”. Political points Canadian politics. https://ca.news.yahoo.comFudge, J., MacPhail, F., & University of Melbourne. (2009).&nbsp.The temporary foreign worker program in Canada: Low-skilled workers as an extreme form of flexible labour.Melbourne: Centre for Employment and Labor Relations Law, The University of Melbourne.

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