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Rosemary Esther’s Interview

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Create a thesis and an outline on Rosemary Esther’s Interview. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A little explanation of what I intended to talk about was enough for her to schedule the two meetings. Since her days are ever busy, she scheduled the meetings on Friday and Saturday evenings. With her understanding that my interview was educational, she had no problems in welcoming me into her house. She has no children and is yet to be married, and this further facilitated the success of our meetings. Her warm welcome assured me that all would be well, and I should not fear asking her any questions. She also had no problem when I proposed to record the entire conversation because all that we were to discuss was formal. She is the best interviewee I have ever been involved with in my entire studies.There are some major differences between Esther and me. she is a female, and I am a male. Our sexual differences, however, did not hinder our interview from being successful. Esther is a white, born and raised in Washington D.C. Her parents and grandparents are American Natives. As for me, I am an African-American, and my ancestral roots can be traced to Senegal, West Africa. My great grandfathers and my parents were all born in Senegal. My father was, however, lucky during his schooling when he received a scholarship to study abroad. It was on his studies that he hooked up with mum, a fellow student by then, and I was lucky to be their second born. My mother is white, born and raised in America by native parents. Esther is one person who respects others and has no signs of being a racist.Another difference between Esther and me is age. She is 26 while being only 23 years old. Despite her age difference, Esther does not credit anything to her age. She could not even attempt to hide it and went ahead to provide me with her date of birth. She is one of those people who consider age as a number. In terms of gender, we are also aligned differently. She is an ideal lady with all the typical characteristics of a woman and does not shy away from feminine roles.


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