Robert Frost

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Write a 8 page essay on Choose the following topic Robert Frost: The Dark Side (many consider Frosts poetry homey reflections on rural life in New England, but many of his poems reveal pain, cynicism, and a generally dark view of lifechoose at least four poems).imple surface, but upon further scrutiny, they reveal some degree of elusiveness as the poet employs ordinary objects in the creation of deeper meanings.The poems done by Robert Frost are often marked by some degree of sadness and regardless of the fact that the poet profoundly appreciated natural scenery. he had an awareness of the harsh realities of life. The poet’s work originated from explorations of ordinary occurrences and places with deep meanings and pathos. Even though at first glance poems like Mending Wall and The Tuft and Flowers can be perceived at a literal level, a deeper observation reveals that that the poems are intensely metaphorical, interesting and very philosophical (Montiero). Through his work, the poet is able to elicit a broad range of emotions in the readers that vary from sadness to shock. He uses a language that he considers “the sound of sense” along with an exceptional use of tone that enables the readers to become involved with every poem thereby creating a connection with them. Therefore, the poet can be considered as a person of sadness who an express the shock of the death of a child, in Out, Out and remark on the impermanence of life, in After Apple Picking. Additionally, he provides the readers of his poems with some insights tonto meanings of life that are both captivating and intriguing.Dark and harsh actualities of life can be deduced from Out, Out, which is a profoundly shocking poem filled with sadness whose inspiration was the terrible demise of a young boy (Faggen 3). This poem can be considered as unsettling since the poet describes the accident in the farm in a brutal and explicit manner stating explicitly the snarling and rattling of the buzz saw in the yard. Straightway, the poet expresses the risks and the unforgiving characteristics of the saw using onomatopoeia. In the entire poem is filled with a tense and dramatic mood that ends in a disturbing depicting of the boy attempting to protect himself from

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