Road to the advancement of professional nursing

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Write a 5 pages paper on the road to the advancement of professional nursing. The events that took place in her life made her to develop the desire of becoming a nun. Her later experiences in life earned her more determination to become a health psychiatrist. It is from her experiences in life that made her to become the current leaning wall for most of the practicing nurses. Worthy to mention is the fact that she was the first nurse in world history to attain degree, masters, PhD and doctorate in the profession of nursing. Hildegard Peplau opted for nursing carrier by the nature of her family during her growth. Callaway (2002) mentions that Hildegard’s family was full of frustrations and unrest, which made Peplau dislike making a family of that nature. In the reports of Callaway (2002), Hildegard’s father was a tyrannical man who never let his family any chance for peace. Her mother was a homemaker who enjoyed little peace and comfort in her own family. Hildegard’s intelligence and ambition are among the factors that continued to award her confidence of making a difference from other girls of her age in the society. She was disturbed with the stereotypes of her society that let women to decide the way of life between education and marriage (Callaway, 2002). According to Callaway (2002), Hildegard worked as storekeeper, payroll clerk and a bookkeeper. All these functions she accomplished in her hometown Reading. According to Callaway (2002), Hildegard enrolled in a nursing school after completing her course in business where she trained as nurse. On completing her nursing course, Hildegard joined Bennington College as a nursing staff (Callaway, 2002). Being under the driving influence of curiosity and determination, Callaway (2002), confirms that Hildegard managed to get a sponsorship to carry on with degree studies in nursing. Upon graduating with degree in nursing psychology, Peplau used the World War II as an advantage to secure employment in the US Army where she operated as a nurse. Being a holder of degree in Nursing Psychology, Hildegard secured a chance in a military hospital in the war torn England where she worked as a psychiatrist. While in England, Callaway (2002), reports that Hildegard invented unique techniques of diagnosing and administering psychiatric health to emotionally frustrated and exhausted soldiers from war. Her great achievements in the military hospital made her to clinch additional higher steps in the profiling among successful healthcare providers. Luckily, Hildegard on returning from the war met a rare opportunity of continuing with her education to postgraduate degree under the sponsorship of G.I. Bill. According to Callaway (2002), Hildegard had to join Columbia University’s Teachers College in the New York. However, Callaway (2002) mentions that societal stereotypes stood on Hildegard’s way but she managed to ignore them and pursue her education. Callaway (2002) mentions that at the time Peplau had to join university for her postgraduate degree course in nursing psychology, she already had a child whom she cared for. Sociologically, being a single parent contracted the social orders and this posed dire threat to her nursing career. Callaway (2002) speculates that Hildegard lived a life out of wedlock and managed to bring up her child in line with pursuing further education.

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