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Rise of domestic terrorism

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Write an academic Journal Article about the subject: Rise of Domestic Terrorism in the United States. The Journal Article  should come from an online library.  This paper should meet APA standards.  Please include a link or a copy of the Journal Article used.The  Assignment is designed to identify and assess the  issue or problem  of  The Rise of Domestic Terrorism in the United States. Select a relevant academic article from a peer-reviewed journal and critically analyze the authors viewpoint to include a succinct critique of the theories and/or practices described in the article.The Academic Journal Critique Assignment will consist of 7 double spaced pages (excluding title page, abstract, and references).  Please use the Use at least 2 references (Wikipedia CANNOT be used as a reference). Structure the Journal Critique Assignment to include the following:1. Title Page2. Introduction3. Article Review4. Analysis5. Discussion6. Critique7. Conclusion8. References


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