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Write a research paper on review for carmen. Needs to be 2 pages. Review for Carmen: An Analysis Paper Introduction The aim of this paper is to critically analyzethe Grand opera performance named “Carmen”. There are a number of aspects of the play that can be marked as commendable. The play has a number of details that have made the play quite interesting from the performance of the cast to the set design by international set designers. The story of Carmen has been depicted in the form of different plays and theatrical presentations, but only few have been able to reflect the true essence of the story. The paper will also include a discussion concerning the set design to ensure the plot setting of the play. Major ActionThere were many actions that I observed to be exemplary in terms of the finest performance as I watched the play. The major action that I observed to be interesting as well as powerful was the scene where Don Jose stabbed Carmen. Since the story is about the seduction by Carmen, Don Jose was a person who was jealous of her lovers. In order to make sure that he had a hold of Carmen, he stabbed her which haunts the viewers as well because of her lead role in the play. The set design, as well as the lighting, played a major role in enhancing the overall scenario (WichitaGrandOpera). Theme of the PlayThe major theme that has been well shown in the play is jealousy. It should be noted that it is a feeling that can make people get on an incorrect path. As a matter of fact, the action discussed in above has given a definition to the theme. For instance, the theme of jealousy showed people that a person who would want to get a grasp of a possession would ultimately lead into a situation where he would actually lose it. It is merely because of the lust and yearning to get something only out of being jealous (WichitaGrandOpera). Production ElementAs far as the production elements are concerned, critics have discussed various pointers. For instance, acting, direction, and set-design have been critiqued by a number of widely-known critics when it comes to the play Carmen. I believe that the set-design played a very major role in making the play successful. International set designers were employed in order to design the sets. Thus, special research was conducted in order to present each and every aspect and element of the story (WichitaGrandOpera). ConclusionThrough the above analysis, it could be well-stated that the play Carmen is one of the most critical plays in the history. Its effective presentation has been done by a number of presenters and directors through theatrical setting. However, very few have been able to present its true essence. Thus, from the above analysis, it can be said that its theme has been well-justified by the actions of stabbing. It has shown that jealousy is factors that can make a person lose its most precious thing in life. Works CitedWichitaGrandOpera. “Carmen – Wichita Grand Opera.” 27 March 2010. 10 December 2014.

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