Revenue models in industries

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Assignment

1)  Why did HBO offer an OTT streaming service? What are the economics? Pluses and minuses?

2)  Why hasn’t ESPN offered a comparable service?                        

a)  Discuss ESPN’s revenue model.

b) Discuss similar revenue models from other industries.

3)  How should Comcast respond? What should Comcast do? How important is HBO to Comcast? Does Comcast have any leverage over HBO? Is unbundling simply a threat, or is it an opportunity for Comcast?

4)  Online Streaming and Unbundling. Why rush to consider OTT streaming services? Why do firms bundle products and services? Is bundling bad for consumers? Which products should form a bundle? Implications for Comcast? Are skinny bundles a good idea?

5) The Future of Television                                                                 

m)  What is it about TV that makes unbundling so difficult?

n)  Will players from outside the industry disrupt TV?

 Is Apple a threat to Comcast or a potential partner (or both)?

6)  lesson and takeaways                                                                     

Digital tech as a threat and opportunity Bundling as a form of price discrimination Must understand economics, motivations, strengths and weaknesses of various competitors as you craft a strategy. 1-2 pages, no more

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