Response to evolution questions

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Compose a 1000 words essay on Response to Evolution questions. In addition, all human beings have a common ancestor in some part. Hence all living organisms connect or relate through the tree of life in some respect. The second most common feature is that only the fittest of organisms survive and reproduce offspring. Evolution can be noted in various organisms such as butterflies. Butterflies have modified their shape, color etc. over time to adapt to the environment in which they live.Evolution has also affected humans in many ways, and, theorists believe apes are the predecessors of evolved species called humans. The authors, Hughes et al. observe that humans share nearly 95% of their DNA structure with chimpanzees who are considered closest animal relatives to humans.Since evolution has come into the knowledge of people, a conflict between religion and science has emerged. Evolution is primarily based on ideas and concepts taken from religion. Bascom argues that the concept of creation and evolution are not contradictory and, therefore, should be studied together in this respect.Very strong controversy erupted when Charles Darwin presented his theory of natural selection in the year 1859. The author, Myers states that the concepts, which were presented, by Darwin altogether changed the human ideology related to evolution and how we study the human race today.Evolution can be regarded as the mutation which takes place in an organism in consecutive generations. Heng postulates that predecessors often inherit such changes and evolution explains the variety of such changes at each and every level of organic structure. Natural selection is a slow and steady process by which biological mannerism becomes common in any population of an organism. This is the primary mechanism of biological change and is referred to as evolution. The most renowned feature of evolution is that all species living today are somehow successors of species which existed earlier. In addition, all human beings

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