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Research paper on Las vegas

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Write a research paper on las vegas. Needs to be 4 pages. As the research stresses constantly updated society has become an icon of the American modern metropolitan experience that demonstrates, through its complex combination of theme park and city, how the spaces and practices of the metropolis have consistently shaped our modern experiences and culture. This paper declares that to remain a national attraction to the greatest possible number of consumers, hotels are quickly changed from one form of entertainment to another, from the glamorous settings of the gangster era to the family-oriented theme-hotels of the 1980s to the more sophisticated flair of the latest ideas represented in the Bellagio, an entire hotel devoted to luxury and the pampering of the cultured adult. This concentration on the new helps visitors to the city buy further into the concept of consumer spending, insisting they must participate in the latest events, gamble at the latest hotel/casino and be seen in the latest locations. It is this rapidly changing climate, as well, that Simmel suggests creates an atmosphere in which man must “react with his head instead of his heart” as the only means by which he can survive the constant sudden shifts in impressions. That the surrounding culture has bought into this concept of constant change and adaptation is evidenced in the speed with which individuals, including superstars like Brittany Spears, make life-changing decisions.


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