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Research methods in business studies

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Assignment

Research methods in business studies

This means that all themes that come with the results of the study are outlined and discussed in this chapter. Some of the themes that the chapter will look includes data collection, which explains how the research design was operationalized, data gathering, which explains the actual process of collecting data, data analysis, which presents and analyses data, sampling selection, which throws light on how the sample used in the study was constructed, and survey participants demographic classification, which gives the unique demographic characteristics of the participants used in the study.

The results chapter of the study is expected to give an overall view of what the real situation on the ground is, as far as the issue of EMR adoption in China is concerned. This is because it is through the results chapter that what participants who are directly affected or part of the situation give out information on what they perceive about the research problem (Ghauri and Gronhaung, 2002).Gill and Johnson (2007) noted that the data collection process defines the overall plan used in for the collection of data (Hussey and Hussey, 2007). By implication, the data collection component of this chapter helps to understand how the researcher put the research design into action. As part of the plan to collect data, the researcher had to select a research approach, which would help to identify the best way to approach the whole task of collecting data. Meanwhile, Remenyi, Williams, Money, and Swartz (2008) and Hakim (2010) presented two major types of research approaches which are the deductive and inductive research approach. In the deductive research approach, the researcher sets a hypothesis, based on which data is collected to either justify or disprove the hypothesis (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2003).&nbsp.

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