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Write a 4 page essay on RESEARCH METHODS (AT LEAST THREE AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES) CONCEPT PAPER.According to Wiles (2007), organizations must incorporate MOT in their organizational structure to survive the stiff competition currently prevailing in the American corporate sector. Technology is an imperative asset that can help organizations outperform their competitors and gain a significant market share.However, the challenge faced by technology specialists and decision makers is gaining an all-inclusive understanding of MOT that normally incorporate understanding of technology development, auxiliary intelligence and relevant processes and activities in the product value chain (Malhotra, 2004). As an important management discipline, MOT explores the potential of technology and how that potential can be harnessed for the advantage of organizations. However, as Van (2008) reiterates, the field and professions it obliges remains ambiguous due to absence of established task sheets and books that would nature the attention of students and practitioners. Additionally, an immense confusion surrounds MOT concepts and its relevance in solving management problems is disregarded by American managers (Christiansen,&nbsp.2000).Deliberations on MOT reveal divergent viewpoints about nature, history, origin, role and etymology of technological terms. Van (2008) further reveals that the copious definitions of technological concepts have caused a disagreement that is yet to subside. However, the revival of MOT in recent years has created a pompous structure for systematic consideration of technology and its organization leading to introduction of teaching programmes in university and establishment of professional societies such as IAMOT (international association for the management of technology) (Wiles,&nbsp.2007). The mesmerizing quest for students and practitioners is to have a fundamental structure that will aid in edification of technological related knowledge thus easing management related tasks through effective and efficient


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