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Relations between law and states

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Write an essay on Relations between law and states. It needs to be at least 750 words.The United States legislature is structured into the federal and state governments. The federal law applies to all the states while the state law applies to a specific state with the US. The&nbsp.focus&nbsp.of this study is to discuss the relations between law and states.Apparently, there exists various relations between law and states. For instance, both law and the states are outlined in the constitution. Moreover, the legal procedures followed in making the law are similar to those followed when constituting a state. Therefore, it can be seen&nbsp.that the law and states are similar structures based on legal constructions (Bonafe?, 2009). It is imperative to identify that the US operates under a bicameral legislature that is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. In this regard, the US operates on two levels of government. the federal government and the state governments. The federal government is headed by the president&nbsp.who&nbsp.serves the entire US. The state governments are headed by the Governor, who oversee the general operations of a single state. Laws affecting all states are made by a combined force of both Senate and the House of Representatives. In addition, the decision to incorporate a new state in the US governance system is made by both houses. For this reason, it can be identified&nbsp.that both the law and states are united by the roles played by the legislative government organ of the US.The law regulates the daily operations in various states. In essence, the daily operations of states are numerous and diverse. Therefore, there must be a neutral regulating organ to enhance justice and fairness for all. For instance, the law regulates the elections for governors and senators in the states. The eligibility to vie for any political position in a state depends on fulfillment of law provisions regarding elections. In essence, the law is there to protect the rights and freedom of the various groups of people the states and the


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