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Writing Assignment This assignment fulfills/supportsModule Outcome 1: You will have discussed regulations and professional standards concerned with educational programming. Course Outcome 4: You will have described the licensing, credentialing, and accreditation standards of a child care center. General Education Competency: You will have communicated effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.The assignment is as follows:Select a North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education approved curriculum model that you may use as a center director.Create a Power Point presentation on the curriculum telling how it aligns with the NC Early Learning Standards, NAEYC accreditation requirements, and the relevant requirements of the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale.The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education approved curriculum list is in the Content and Resource section of this module.Your presentation should have a minimum of 20 slides.To Submit click on the assignment and attach the assignment in “Browse My Computer” link.Grading CriteriaReview the Article Summary Guidelines, Statement on Plagiarism, and Citation Guidelines under the “Course Documents” tab on the left before submitting your assignment.


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