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Write an argumentative essay on Reflection Inside This Place, Not of It.

Needs to be 3 pages.

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Side this place, Not of it, is the kind of book that shades some light on the kind of human rights violations, which take place inside the barbed wires and cages. For a long time, focus has only been on male prisons, but this book goes the distance and overwrites the gender disparity and reveal the troubles that women also go through. This review exposes the torture that female inmates are submitted to, ranging from sexual abuse, rape and even being discrimination. All the thirteen women, whose narratives have been recorded in this book, disclose the incompetence and the bad treatment that they are subjected to by the prison warders and the overall prison staff.

The women go an extra mile to reveal the roots of their problems, and throw the blame on their parents or guardians as contributing factors to the discussions they made, which dramatically altered their lives. The neglect they went through as children shaped their decision making that led them to end up in prison. Most of the narrators were either orphans or their parents were incapable of taking care of them, so they ended up in juvenile institutions or foster care.( Waldman et al. 39).Human rights protection is paramount in any state or country. Even those in prisons need to be protected and taken care of. therefore, this book tries to equate prisoners, especially female inmates to other human being. This book acts as the voice of the women who for a long time have had their grievances ignored.

Inside this place, Not of it, is the kind of book that will glue the reader to their sit. It connects emotionally with the reader, and one is left astonished as finding out what the women go through, the stigmatization that leaves them traumatized. The primary purpose of prisons is to correct the behaviors of the inmates instead of tormenting them for their mistakes (Waldman et al. 104). Society as an institution has a role to play to make sure that more women do not end up as the thirteen whose stories are.

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