Redo psychology in education

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Write an essay on Redo psychology in education. It needs to be at least 1000 words.In spite of their individualistic cognitive and behavioral differences, there are certain areas in which students from the 9th to 12th grade equally need guidance and education. Such areas include but are not limited to the study of ethics, and corporate social responsibility. There is need to teach such subjects at all levels, though their content can be customized to match the level of complexity understandable for the students at different levels.Learner diversity in the curriculum is fostered not only by the inclusion of diversity in he curriculum, but also by keeping a diverse force of teachers that have to teach that curriculum to the students. So there is a need to work on both levels i.e. curriculum and faculty because underestimating the need to work on one would have an adverse impact on the other. For example, let’s talk about a school teaching different languages to the students because the knowledge of different languages is fundamental to social integration in the contemporary multicultural society. The languages being taught include English, Urdu, French, and Arabic. Now there is a need to either have a teacher who is well-equipped with the knowledge of each of the four languages or the school needs to hire four different teachers each having expertise in his/her own language to teach the students effectively. On the other hand, curriculum can be made diverse by including content from different cultures depending upon which area a certain culture is more developed in or what a certain culture has more to offer in comparison to other cultures. From this standpoint, the subjects of science and technology can be based on Western knowledge since advanced economies are more advanced in the research and knowledge of science and technology as compared to the third world countries whereas the subjects of arts and craft, including performing arts can be based on the knowledge of South Asian cultures

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